Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Closet Rapture

Everyone longs to feel good about themselves and be their authentic self,

whether we admit it or not. Looking good (well presented) is only one

aspect of the greater drive we all have to express ourselves

individually. Once we have done the inner work, we can reflect our unique and individual aspects of our personality extrinsically. Dressing for oneself makes us feel good because we are showing the outside world who we AUTHENTICALLY are; our own unique style. That is what makes us

interesting. It isn't about how much we spend, where we shop, what labels we wear, etc. It is about being thoughtful in putting ourselves together in a way that states "THIS IS WHO I AM WORLD".

That is why we are all drawn to makeover shows like Oprah and Biggest Loser, because we are rooting for the person to find their inner beauty, grab it and confidently display it to the world. Some people need helpfinding it. It's the modern day version of the Cinderella story.

In an era of such mass consumerism and disposable insensibility, we are doing much damage to our planet. We need to make more thoughtful and responsible decisions regarding what we buy and how much we need. This is the underlying foundation of what we at Closet Rapture are trying to do...teach individuals to be aware of this and empower them to do this for themselves.

Jacquie and Margaret

The Closet Rapture Team

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Anonymous said...

Sorry I was out of town...looks like a great opening...great blog..I will enjoy coming back often..