Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lipstick Jungle

These days there are so many different types of lipsticks available. Used to be the choices were sheer, stain or matte lipstick. Now one must choose from a plethora of formulations :

Lipstick Gels, Lip Paints, Lip Glass (not gloss, glass), Lip Mist, Lip Shine, Lip Candy, etc, etc, etc.

As you bravely navigate the innumerable choices remember a few basic guidelines:

1. Get thee to the department store, beauty boutique or Sephora where you can actually apply the goods to your lips.  Seek shades that flatter your hair and skin color. (The color of your clothing is secondary.)

2. Age is a factor.  After a certain age lips require more emollients in order to look supple.  Beware of   lipsticks that offer little moisture.

3. SPF 15 or 30 is Genius

4. Exercise caution with orange, red orange, and coral shades.  They tend to make teeth look yellower.  

5. Severity can add years to your face.  Leave the intense colors to the under 50 set.


6. Metallic and shimmer can be flattering, but usually from 6pm on. If you are going to go this route during the day or at the office, keep it simple and subdued.
(Note: Simple + Fabo Subdued Shade = Alluring)

Photo Credit:Simon Upton

7. Lip pencil is a great tool if your lipstick tends to bleed.  Make sure it is indistinguishable from the color on your lips.  If you are using lip pencil to make lips look larger, save this maneuver for a photo shoot.

8. Check the mirror after applying lipstick.  Practice the Golden Rule by letting a woman know when she's got lipstick teeth 

8. Remember mother's words; "Always apply lipstick when you leave the house. You never know who you might bump into."

Sage advice

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Why We Love the Wrap Dress (And You Should Too!)

Banana Republic

There is no other dress that spans the spectrum of flattery for ALL body types.  The wrap dress is IT!  If you don't own a wrap dress, you need to go get one right NOW!

The wrap dress is one of the easiest wardrobe pieces to wear.  Think of it as "the gorgeous no-brainer".  Diane Von Furstenberg has been perfecting this dress for decades.  Forgiving of figure flaws, wrinkle free, and designed in every color under the rainbow, you will surely find one that speaks to you.

Diane Von Furstenberg

Perhaps you wish to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn?  Transition effortlessly from day to evening in this LBD... it's polished and sexy at the same time.

Diane Von Furstenberg

Perhaps you wish to walk a little bit more on the wild side?  A vibrant color and bold pattern will certainly make you stand apart from the crowd....

Diane Von Furstenberg

This cool breezy print conjures up a lunch date in West Palm Beach....or a spring fundraising meeting...

Diane Von Furstenberg

A transitional dress that works well for the office by day, and dashes off to cocktails and dinner by night.  Note: not a wrinkle to be found eight hours after slipping it on!

Diane Von Furstenberg
Looking for a little bit more formality as you breeze off to a luncheon or spring wedding?  The wrap dress will never fail to look polished and neat...

J. Crew

J. Crew
Note how two different colors so dramatically change a dress....This is a sweet and feminine option for a special occasion.

Donna Ricco
No matter what your body silhouette, the wrap dress is super feminine.  It flatters, it drapes well, it hugs us in all the right places. It is classic and sexy.  The knit fabrics travel well and holds up from day into evening.

 If you don't have one in your closet, we are wondering WHY? You simply must go get yourself a wrap dress right now!

You're Welcome!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Instant Polish : The Spring Trench Coat

BenoƮt Peverelli for Flammarion

Spring weather can be fickle. What can you effortlessly throw on to nip that chill while simultaneously adding instant polish to your ensemble?

The trench of course!

Getty Images 
It's a timeless look.

 This spring we suggest hip length or just below


Unless your silhouette is more flattering in a three-quarter length. 


 Play it safe in a neutral or be daring and standout from the rest. 

Photo credit: Patrick Demarchelier 

So many fun alternatives to the classic tan trench.



Most are available in lightweight fabrics just perfect for this time of year.


If you are one of the lucky ladies with a small waist, cinch away and put it on display.

If you are voluptuous with ample bosom be wary of the double breasted styles. Single breasted styles are preferable. 


 Trenches are great for business looks, casual looks and even evening looks depending on the fabric.


Keep it simple and be simply chic.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekend Project - Spring Clean your Closet

Somewhere hidden in the recesses of your closet are those fabulous wedge sandals from last season.  Won't they be perfect for that warm spring afternoon fete this weekend?  Wait a minute.... you need to call in the Canadian Mounties to tackle that job, right?  Of course not...a few hours of changing over your closet for the upcoming spring and summer seasons will have you falling in love again with all of your long lost loves....spring sandals and skirts, summer maxi dresses, beach totes and woven clutches.....HELLO!!

Here are a few of Closet Rapture's tips for spring cleaning your closet this weekend...

1.  Embrace the project....play some of your favorite music and put on some comfy clothes.
2.  From left to right, begin to remove the clothing in your closet and sort into three piles:

  • soul stirring - things that you love and will continue to wear next season
  • out for repairs - things that need to be altered, repaired or cleaned
  • farewell - things you have not worn or are "well-loved" to the point of no return

Ladies, this is the time to be ruthless and honest with yourself...try it on and if you don't feel great in it, say farewell.  If it doesn't fit and it hasn't for a long time, you may want to part with it and make room for some new pieces.

3.  If you have the luxury of extra storage space, transfer all of last season's pieces to another location.  We recommend breathable canvas storage bags with cedar balls or bars to minimize odor, mildew and moth damage.  Make sure clothing is clean when you store it or you will see the effects of body oils and stains when you pull it out next season.

4.  Keep transitional pieces (lightweight leather, cashmere,a few long sleeved tops) in your closet.  With global warming and the wacky weather these days, you never know when you will need a transitional piece...the last thing you want to do is going ruffling through garment bags and storage boxes on a scavenger hunt.  By the way, its always a great idea to label contents of storage bags, baskets, and bins.  Shipping labels from your local office supply place work great.

5.  Put all of your current season pieces in your closets...HELLO SPRING SANDALS!...organize your wardrobe by type of clothing, color, and style.

6.  Hang scarves, belts and other accessories so that they are visible.  You are more likely to add flourish when you can see what you have.  Display seasonal jewelry for inspiration.

7.  Arrange shoes, sandals, purses, totes and everything else accordingly.  

8.  While your inventory is fresh in your mind, make a list of what is missing from your current wardrobe.  Have your favorite white capri's faded to a dull yellowish hue?  Do you need a cotton cardigan in one of the vibrant colors of the season?  Make a thorough list now and put it in your wallet to  refer to the next time you go shopping.

9.  Now step back and admire the glorious zen space you have created...everything visible and ready for all of the exciting spring and summer occasions heading your way.

And for a little inspiration, here are some gorgeous light airy closets to get you going!

Happy Spring Cleaning...let us know if the job is bigger than YOU and we'll be at your service!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Cardigan for all Style Types

When you think of a cardigan where does your mind roam? Do you have visions of the ultimate prepster in pink gingham?

Warner Bros. Pictures/ Photos by Melinda Sue Gordon

If so, time to realize the cardigan's full potential. It is right up there with the jean as being one of the most transitional pieces in your wardrobe. It can effortlessly breathe new life into a tired ensemble and is a must for every style type.

Be it Retro

Courtesy Vogue








As a stylish light layer and to add COLOR this spring,
remember the faithful cardigan

Monday, April 11, 2011

In the Nude....Spring Nails

Manicured nails....A must for social events.
It's the finishing touch, the icing on the cake.

So let us begin with a word about nail length and shape.
Rx:  Short, squared off ovals.
Follow this advice and you'll be in vogue this season and possibly forever.

Aaaaaah, the French Manicure
Versatile, classic, elongates the nail bed, long lasting, goes with everything.

There is the thick, pinkier version with shocking white tips often seen in the OC.

and the more natural version.


As much as we love the French manicure we can't say the same about the French pedicure.  No,no,no....just say no!

And when time has run out and you are about to dash out the door....
Just go nude.
  Sally Hansen's Insta Dry is a miracle in a bottle.

Sally Hansen

Musings on the Reverse French Manicure

Courtesy of The Nine Forty Nine

How to describe this trend?.....dramatic


In Style


China Glaze

 and sometimes just plain tacky

Hipster Alert! : Shatter
A daring trend started by Katy Perry
*Footnote : Katy Perry is 26 years old and sometimes sports blue hair. 

OPI's shatter polish is applied over a polished dry nail.


In our world, definitely an evening look unless you are in the music industry.
Think Fergie

Closet Rapturism for today:
"Strive to be age appropriate except on Halloween. 
And never ever be boring."