Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Breezy Summer Essentials

Marie Claire
The essence of summer is sheer simplicity.  We thought we would take a moment to remind everyone of the simple pleasures of summer waiting to unfold...

A weekend getaway with the added bonus of a lighter suitcase... a few essentials are all you need.  Swimsuit, tunic, t-shirt, sandals, sunscreen, sundress and a great read...

A super lightweight and versatile knit dress that can be dressed up or down.  So very packable and transformative with some fun jewelry....

Trina Turk
A little punch of color goes a long way.  If you are among the lucky who can sport a two piece, this suit has a bit of coverage and is packed with style.

Melissa Odabash

Whether sauntering across the pool deck or having a sunset cocktail...this melon colored tunic does double duty....pair it with white capris or throw it over your bathing suit as a coverup.

San Diego Hat Company

Hiding from the paparazzi or those ultra violet rays.....you are covered with a wide brimmed hat that is packable and crushproof.

Trader and Company

The more uses it has, the better we like it....a fantastic sturdy tote that takes you from farmer's market to pool side....picnics, summer concerts, sailing with friends, tote the kids' sweatshirts and beach pails...you get the idea.  Must channel inner French girl!

Vince Camuto Sandal

These slide on sandals are a lovely metallic tone which transitions from day to night.  If gold is not your thing, they come in a love pewter tone too!

A fantastic summer read that you will not want to put down....and yet, you don't want it to draw to an end as well.....what is the indescribable thing about reading a book on a lazy summer afternoon?

Trovata Weekender

A gorgeous bag with just enough room to store all of your summer essentials. This bag is durable and roomy, crisp and polished, and yet still so very understated...

Really, that is all you need.  A few lovely pieces and a fabulous bag to store them in.  May your breezy summer days carry you off on a few relaxed and laid back adventures.

To Summer!

Jacquie and Margaret

Monday, May 23, 2011

Move Over Black....The Little White Dress

Rachel McAdams and Uma Thurman
Cannes Film Festival 2011

Move over Little Black Dress...there is a new dame in town!  The little white dress has trumped the LBD for summer and we are loving the trend.  Such a fresh and crisp alternative for evening.  The LWD made its debut in droves at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

There was also plenty of white to be found in the spring runway shows, from lace to modern sleekness.   Why wait for Memorial Day Weekend to wear white... we've been wearing it all winter.  This year, white is the new black.

Courtesy of DressTalk.com

Ladies, you can still feel sexy...even vampy in white.  Perhaps you can pair an unexpected color or accessory with your LWD.  White goes with anything....If you wish to elongate your legs, choose a nude sandal or heel to sport with your dress.

Dolce and Gabbana

Lace can add a feminine touch without being too prim and proper.  These dresses are ladylike but modern.


This dress is a statement piece that says, "I'm Here!"  Paired with a perfect red lipstick and sleek hair, she's sure to turn some heads at a summer affair.

Banana Republic
This dress is a little bit more understated yet sexy and flattering.  It is modern and has that hourglass shape that looks great on most women. If you don't feel entirely comfortable with your arms exposed, drape your shoulders with a silk pashmina.  It also adds a lovely accent of color.

Do you have a little white dress in your closet?  Consider one for your essential wardrobe basics.   The little white dress is destined to become a classic...just like the LBD.  You may end up turning a few heads!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

In a Clutch

It's a special occasion and you really do look Mahhhhhvelous.  But wait, you need something to carry your lipstick in for touch ups.

Enter the poor forgotten clutch.  
So often an afterthought as you do that last check in the mirror before leaving home.  
And yet such an important function.  


Kate Spade

Whether for casual, business, or an elegant affair, the clutch makes a statement of its own.

Pay attention to scale. ie. If you are tall and a full figured woman,
skip the mini clutch and opt for a sizeable clutch. 

Try to think outside of the box with interesting embellishments

Santi 'Pearl' Clutch

And unexpected materials, like patent leather.

Jill Sander

 Just add mini floss, lipstick, mini mints, multi functional Rose Salve,
your slim cell, credit card and a crisp $20.

And you're ready to take on the world.

Friday, May 13, 2011

We Advise the Visor

Ahhh the visor.  
For that casual occasion be it tennis, golf, a trip to the ball park, what better way to protect your face?  Sun protection without later experiencing the dreaded hat head look.


Many colors and styles available in:


Woven Materials




Consider deep conditioning and a braid or chingnon if you are poolside or at the beach.
Be sure to spritz a sunscreen product on the crown of your head for protection of your hair and scalp.  


Also helps to extend your hair color.

Your trusted Style Advisors,
Jacquie & Margaret

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Quick Change Artist

Typically women fall into one of three categories:

Those that love to coordinate their purse with their ensemble.

Credit: DEAN M-GABO/ Bauer-Griffin

Those who feel obliged to coordinate

And those that consider this task an utter pain.

Afp/AFP/Getty Images

Here's a tip for all of the above, The Purse Organizer.
An ingenious organizer that allows you to seamlessly transition between purses.
Well, almost.

We thought we'd found true love with the Purseket

It's durable, lightweight, adjustable and features ample compartments to store your essentials; eyeglasses, cell phone, breath mints,etc.  Available in snappy fabrics and was even touted as one of Oprah's favorite things.

Had we not experienced this love we would have never evolved into our current relationship with...
The PurseN


We'll try not to gush and be restrained in our commentary but it will be difficult.  The PurseN with it's luxe fabric (think Gucci scarf), is a thing of beauty.  It boasts zippers so it may expand or contract  depending on whether you are carrying a medium or large purse.  Many compartments have elastisized openings to keep contents from going anywhere.

Never miss another call because you can't find your cell phone.

Never be caught digging around in your bag looking completely frustrated and disorganized.

Such a breeze to lift this out of one bag and into another.

You'll swoon....

Monday, May 9, 2011

Pearl Girl

Do you consider yourself a Pearl Girl?   

Sublime pearl, gift from the sea
How many looks can one conjure from thee?

Rachel Zoe Project

Pearls aren't just for the sorority girl look or your great Aunt Ethel.
From the uptight to the unexpected, pearls continue to be fashionable.
MJ Kim/Getty
www.lukeford.net at wikimedia commons
Uroda / Estee Lauder 

Long, short, or double strand

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images North America
Yes I can!

In the palm of my hand
Pearls.....always mesmerizing. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Tribute

Today we pay tribute to a very special woman and mother.  Always generous, artistic & loving.  Her many gifts live on in her children and grandchildren.

Lee L. Smith