Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Quick Change Artist

Typically women fall into one of three categories:

Those that love to coordinate their purse with their ensemble.

Credit: DEAN M-GABO/ Bauer-Griffin

Those who feel obliged to coordinate

And those that consider this task an utter pain.

Afp/AFP/Getty Images

Here's a tip for all of the above, The Purse Organizer.
An ingenious organizer that allows you to seamlessly transition between purses.
Well, almost.

We thought we'd found true love with the Purseket
It's durable, lightweight, adjustable and features ample compartments to store your essentials; eyeglasses, cell phone, breath mints,etc.  Available in snappy fabrics and was even touted as one of Oprah's favorite things.

Had we not experienced this love we would have never evolved into our current relationship with...
The PurseN

We'll try not to gush and be restrained in our commentary but it will be difficult.  The PurseN with it's luxe fabric (think Gucci scarf), is a thing of beauty.  It boasts zippers so it may expand or contract  depending on whether you are carrying a medium or large purse.  Many compartments have elastisized openings to keep contents from going anywhere.

Never miss another call because you can't find your cell phone.

Never be caught digging around in your bag looking completely frustrated and disorganized.

Such a breeze to lift this out of one bag and into another.

You'll swoon....

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