Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Festive Makeup - MORE Magazine

"Some great little holiday tips du jour for looking your best...compliments of MORE Magazine"
Celeb-inspired holiday makeup looks

Friday, December 3, 2010

One of Our New Favorite Websites

A couple weeks ago Google launched this fantastic website Boutiques.com to compete with the growing list of fashion and style search engines.  We have been exploring the extensive versatility of this website, and have fallen madly in love!  Not only can you search for clothing and accessories by style, designer, retailer, trend and celebrities....but you can create your own Boutique (check out Closet Rapture boutique) of items you love.  The site allows you to rate whether you like or dislike various items and will select items geared towards your preferences. You can sort by sale items, color, etc.   And then there are the fabulous inspiration pages put together by bloggers, staff, and everyday Janes like you and I.  If you are feeling at a loss for what to wear, fire up this fantastic website and jump right in......

But we dare you to not get hooked!

Boutiques.com is still in Beta test mode, but we believe it will achieve the gold standard of fashionistas!  Google just seems to get it right!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dolce Far Niente: pleasant relaxation in carefree idleness.

The days have been rainy and dreary here in San Diego.  Here's a fun pick me up brought to you by In Style Magazine.  
Test Your Style Savvy
You've always known your sense of style was particularly keen—and now's the time to prove it! Click on the green text: fun styling game .
 Though I did not agree with all the 'answers', most of them I found to be dead on.  And it was inspirational.
 Decadent and indulgent to be playing online games....Yes!!!
Like the Italians like to say,' Dolce Far Niente!'   

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Closet Rapture Gift Certificates!

Are you pondering what to give someone you love this holiday season?  Is there a special milestone such as a significant birthday, promotion, new mommy, divorce.... that you would like to acknowledge with something unique and special?  Give the gift of style and organization with a Closet Rapture gift certificate....(click here).

Photo: Toby McFarlan Pond

Are you in need of some pampering and nurturing yourself?  Are you feeling a bit outdated and need an injection of GORGEOUSNESS in your life?  Do you feel like you are honoring your unique and authentic self?  Treat YOUR SELF to a Closet Rapture Service...Our trusted style advisors will have you feeling fabulous in no time.  Let us know what you how you would like to feel...and we will Make the Most of What You've Got! Click here to get started!

Tip of the Day: Beauty - MORE Magazine

Susan Evans, MD haircare and other picks

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fall Forecast - Bringing Back the Classics

Ralph Lauren
Sophisticated and polished, classic clothes are always in season.  This season, however, they take center stage.  The runways were packed with gorgeous classic lines last spring, and now the stores are showcasing beautiful suiting, luxe fabrics, and refined accessories.  

If you are wondering what additions to make to your wardrobe this fall, consider an animal print....

banana republic

The English riding look makes a strong resurgence this season.  Leggings inspired by riding pants offer a modern twist to dressing.  Pair them with a cropped jacket and boot, and you are ready for a picnic or a day in the city.

Gap Riding Pant

Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren

Men always look polished in the classics.  Here are a few fall samplings from some of our favorite shops:


Classic Aviator Sunglasses:

Banana Republic

J Crew

Ladies and Gentleman, there is no better time to add some classic enduring pieces to your wardrobe.  Once a classic, always a classic.....never to go "out of style".

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Inspiration With Some Patriotic Flare

The Fourth of July holiday weekend is quickly approaching....and it happens to be one of my favorite holidays of the year as my brother and I celebrate back to back birthdays on the 4th and the 5th.  The bunting and flags are already adorning our "white house"...the grilling menu is planned....now for a little red, white and blue inspiration for what to wear...

Red, White and Blue are the classic American colors that everyone can wear.  No designer does All-American like Ralph Lauren with his classic polos and homage to the great west.

Thinking of wearing a dress to one of your weekend functions?  How about RED....

Or WHITE might be right.....

Feeling a bit BLUE.....

So is J. Crew...

What if you just can't decide?

A cute little RWB dress from Nordstrom is just the thing for you....

And just in case the fireworks are too bright, the perfect pair of shades

Well, maybe not!

Have a rapturous and fun fourth of July!

Friday, June 25, 2010

How best to look sun kissed without ruining your skin

Let's start right off by taking tanning beds off the table.  There is just no justification for inducing precancerous growths....there is nothing sexy or remotely intelligent about it.  That leaves us with salon or at home solutions.  At the salon or spa one can treat themselves to a custom air brushed tan.  Pricey but perfection.  Next there is the non custom, jump in the booth and remove your clothing option.  A moderately priced option that is effective as long as one covers their face, hands, elbows, ankles,  heels and toes.  Bending forward at the proper angle is also important.....see me later for an explanation.  In the at- home category there are gels, sprays, and micro mists.  As far as I am concerned gels and sprays are so yesterday.  Micro mists are Nirvana!
After shaving your legs during your shower, towel off and wait a few minutes.  I like the L'Oreal Sublime Bronze air brush mist best.    Directions are on the can so I'll just highlight the key points:
1.Keep the nozzle at arm's length from your skin.
2.Do not spray your face,elbows,knees,fingers,hands,toes, heels or any areas with excess skin.
3. Do NOT let the spray pool in one area, keep the can moving.
4. Immediately afterwards use your blow dryer on a low cool setting to encourage drying of the tanning mist on your skin.
Some micro mists are effective immediately and others work over time.  Read the label for directions and ingredients.  Always make a test run on an inconspicuous area.  Different skin shades look more natural depending on the self tanner.  Find the one that looks the most natural on your skin.
   < Margaret

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tips on Traveling Chic this Summer

It's that time of year!  The kids are finished with school...Summer travel awaits us!  But what to pack?  There is a definite strategy to packing well for comfort and versatility.... and yet still looking stylish.  Here are a few of our tips that will give you a head start on your packing plan...

  1. Research your destination....the culture, the weather, the activities...and plan accordingly
  2. Do not leave packing until the last minute... allow yourself a few days ahead of time to plan out your wardrobe, reassess what your bringing, and avoid the stress of leaving it all until the night before you leave.
  3. Don't overpack...Most travel experts recommend a maximum of three pairs of shoes (very challenging for those of us who love shoes!!).  Keep it simple and bring only those items that you can leverage for a variety of uses... VERSATILITY is the key.
  4. Elasticity is your friend for a variety of reasons.  You want to pack pieces that will not lose their shape.  Include fabrics with Lycra or Spandex.  Leave the sweat suit at home and pack a pretty yoga outfit.  Many designers produce clothes with elasticity that travel well and are super stylish.  
  5. Scarves are your best travel companion.  They take up no room and can completely change an outfit, double as a bathing suit cover-up or keep your shoulders and neck warm on a chilly evening.  We recommend three: a solid color, a striped, and a third made of silk.
  6. Leave the expensive jewelry at home and stick to statement costume jewelry that will add a bit of flourish and pizazz to your travel wardrobe.  While on travel, look for inexpensive jewelry indicative of your destination...these trinkets may become signature pieces of your collection when you return home.
  7. Before you pack it all in your suitcase, lay everything out on your bed with accompanying accessories.  Make sure you have the proper undergarments for each outfit.  Have you forgotten anything?  Can you put a few things back in your closet?  This is your last chance to survey what you're bringing and make last minute adjustments.
In general, edit down to simple essentials appropriate for your destination.  Always pack a flat tote or an extra bag at the bottom of your suitcase.  Don't make the mistake of putting anything of value in your suitcase....pack it in your carryon.  These are just a few of our tips.  Closet Rapture can help you pack like a pro.  

Bon Voyage,


Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Preparation Series

As summer approaches it's time to take positive steps toward preparing to show a bit more skin.  This can truly be a scary time for many women...that dreaded dressing room mirror!   In an effort to help I'll be covering the best ways to look chic and confident poolside or at the beach.  Topics will include:
Shapewear Swimwear
How best to look sun kissed without ruining your skin
Chic must haves: Swim cover ups, hats, and sun glasses.
Wet Hair: What to do with it.
I promise to put a smile on your face and give you a chuckle while giving you great info along the way.
   < Margaret

Shapewear Swimwear
Warning: If you are still wearing bikinis DO NOT read any further.

A few years ago Miraclesuit Swimwear arrived on the scene and proved to be a life saver for many.  For myself the choices were so few that i feared i might be spotted in one of the five color combinations available.  Cut to 2010...Now there are a plethora of what I refer to as Shapewear Swimwear.  Tommy Hilfiger, Land's End, Ralph Lauren, La Blanca, Gottex, and many others are offering suits with control panels this season. Let's take a closer look at Land's End. They offer six, count them, SIX collections of women's swimwear with some serious control.  Each collection boasts five to eight colors or patterns to choose from.  'All Over' control versus 'Tummy Control' is offered. Do you have a long, short or regular torso?  Are you a plus size? The choices are staggering. Let me go on the record and say that i believe you MUST try on many bathing suits to determine which fit is best.  So online shopping can be tricky.  I think i will continue to search for the perfect shapewear suit with a high cut leg...so many choices!! 

Monday, June 7, 2010

Closet Rapture Launch Party!

The Closet Rapture Launch party on a beautiful spring evening in Del Mar...

Our guests were treated to champagne, snacks and gorgeous sweet confections while they mingled amongst each other and our Closet Rapture vignettes...

We wrapped our Purse-Size Mini Dossiers & Photo Look Books like little gifts

Gorgeous desserts by COCO & VANILLA

A vignette demonstrating our sorting techniques...
"give away", "out for repairs", "soul stirring"

Guests looked through a variety of custom designed dossiers, photo look books and reference guides while they enjoyed the goodies...

A vignette which addresses the age-old question...
"What to Pack?"

Maria Villalobos shares surprise news that Closet Rapture will be featured on a local news station...

Jacquie and Margaret thrilled and excited about the news...

And of course, Our Gorgeous Guests....

Our dear friend and photographer extraordinaire for the evening...
Melinda Johnson

"I have Nothing to Wear" you say?
We say "YOU DO!"

Let us inside your closet and show you all the options you've never dreamed of...We create new outfits from your existing wardrobe...We show you how to give new life to your old clothes...We teach you how to shop for the right clothes for your body proportions and color palette....And we help you organize and beautify it ALL

With Rapture,

Jacquie and Margaret