Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Preparation Series

As summer approaches it's time to take positive steps toward preparing to show a bit more skin.  This can truly be a scary time for many women...that dreaded dressing room mirror!   In an effort to help I'll be covering the best ways to look chic and confident poolside or at the beach.  Topics will include:
Shapewear Swimwear
How best to look sun kissed without ruining your skin
Chic must haves: Swim cover ups, hats, and sun glasses.
Wet Hair: What to do with it.
I promise to put a smile on your face and give you a chuckle while giving you great info along the way.
   < Margaret

Shapewear Swimwear
Warning: If you are still wearing bikinis DO NOT read any further.

A few years ago Miraclesuit Swimwear arrived on the scene and proved to be a life saver for many.  For myself the choices were so few that i feared i might be spotted in one of the five color combinations available.  Cut to 2010...Now there are a plethora of what I refer to as Shapewear Swimwear.  Tommy Hilfiger, Land's End, Ralph Lauren, La Blanca, Gottex, and many others are offering suits with control panels this season. Let's take a closer look at Land's End. They offer six, count them, SIX collections of women's swimwear with some serious control.  Each collection boasts five to eight colors or patterns to choose from.  'All Over' control versus 'Tummy Control' is offered. Do you have a long, short or regular torso?  Are you a plus size? The choices are staggering. Let me go on the record and say that i believe you MUST try on many bathing suits to determine which fit is best.  So online shopping can be tricky.  I think i will continue to search for the perfect shapewear suit with a high cut many choices!!

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Anonymous said...

I need one!!! But - what to do when thighs and hips are a little fluffy? Will there be a "roll" where the swimming suit ends? Any pictures of normal 50 year olds in the suit?
see you on the beach, dears :)