Monday, June 7, 2010

Style Notes...

  • Wear only clothes that make you feel great
  • Wear clothes that show off your ASSETS
  • Fit and proportion are paramount
  • The right color palette enhances and enlivens your face
  • Pay attention to the details... shapewear, accessories, makeup, haircut
  • Develop a Signature will provide a go-to recipe for success
  • Don't be a Fashion Victim... certain trends and labels may not flatter you
  • Dress with a High / Low formula with a mix of price points
  • A good tailor is the key to well fitting clothes
  • Dress for YOUR life, not someone else's
  • Be inspired in your style by Nature, Art, Travel, Architecture, Movies, and everything else


My Summer LookBook 2010
Closet Rapture

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