Friday, December 3, 2010

One of Our New Favorite Websites

A couple weeks ago Google launched this fantastic website to compete with the growing list of fashion and style search engines.  We have been exploring the extensive versatility of this website, and have fallen madly in love!  Not only can you search for clothing and accessories by style, designer, retailer, trend and celebrities....but you can create your own Boutique (check out Closet Rapture boutique) of items you love.  The site allows you to rate whether you like or dislike various items and will select items geared towards your preferences. You can sort by sale items, color, etc.   And then there are the fabulous inspiration pages put together by bloggers, staff, and everyday Janes like you and I.  If you are feeling at a loss for what to wear, fire up this fantastic website and jump right in......

But we dare you to not get hooked! is still in Beta test mode, but we believe it will achieve the gold standard of fashionistas!  Google just seems to get it right!

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