Thursday, April 7, 2011

Clean Out Your Purse!!

Recently the Closet Rapture duo attended a local women's business conference.  Several times during the keynote speech the very accomplished speaker emphatically recommended, "Clean out your purse every night!!"

What is it about the ritual of cleaning out your bag that is so sublimely satisfying?  For it is right up there with the feeling one has after an amazing pedicure.  One feels so accomplished and in control of one's life.

Is it the setting aside of this sacred time of reflection that causes that zen feeling?     Is it the methodical reliving of the days' events one receipt at a time?   Who needs to chop wood and haul water when one can simply clean out one's purse.

After cleaning out your purse you might even give it a quick swipe with the softest cloth.
Or spot clean
Or treat it with a leather conditioner
You might even notice it is in need of mending and drop it off at the shoe repair tomorrow.

Such a simple task.  So rewarding.

So ladies, "Clean out your purse!"

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