Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sleeveless in San Diego

There she was waiting for her prince atop the Empire State Building.  Backdrop, the NYC skyline.  Doesn't get any better for us hopeless romantics.   It was 1993 and Meg Ryan was America's sweetheart.   

That's her on the left displaying her fabulous arms.

Cut to've seen them around town.  Those shameless ladies baring their impossibly toned arms.    And yet, the Closet Rapture duo felt we needed to give them equal time after the previous blog.   And so, in deference to the deltoid divas.......

Nautical looks always seem to come back in style.  They certainly are all the rage now.  This dress is particularly slimming to the torso and hips with its clever navy panel along the sides.

Hello!  Yes, I've arrived.  Such a classic cut and the color is wow!  The floral flourish is just the right touch of the unexpected.  Plan on heads turning your way.

Nudes and soft pastels are very hot right now and why not?  There is a softness about them that whispers "Femininity rules". 

And so whichever you choose be it classic, nautical, or nude, go forth and be fabulous this spring.  
We'll be watching... 

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