Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekend Project - Spring Clean your Closet

Somewhere hidden in the recesses of your closet are those fabulous wedge sandals from last season.  Won't they be perfect for that warm spring afternoon fete this weekend?  Wait a minute.... you need to call in the Canadian Mounties to tackle that job, right?  Of course not...a few hours of changing over your closet for the upcoming spring and summer seasons will have you falling in love again with all of your long lost loves....spring sandals and skirts, summer maxi dresses, beach totes and woven clutches.....HELLO!!

Here are a few of Closet Rapture's tips for spring cleaning your closet this weekend...

1.  Embrace the some of your favorite music and put on some comfy clothes.
2.  From left to right, begin to remove the clothing in your closet and sort into three piles:

  • soul stirring - things that you love and will continue to wear next season
  • out for repairs - things that need to be altered, repaired or cleaned
  • farewell - things you have not worn or are "well-loved" to the point of no return

Ladies, this is the time to be ruthless and honest with yourself...try it on and if you don't feel great in it, say farewell.  If it doesn't fit and it hasn't for a long time, you may want to part with it and make room for some new pieces.

3.  If you have the luxury of extra storage space, transfer all of last season's pieces to another location.  We recommend breathable canvas storage bags with cedar balls or bars to minimize odor, mildew and moth damage.  Make sure clothing is clean when you store it or you will see the effects of body oils and stains when you pull it out next season.

4.  Keep transitional pieces (lightweight leather, cashmere,a few long sleeved tops) in your closet.  With global warming and the wacky weather these days, you never know when you will need a transitional piece...the last thing you want to do is going ruffling through garment bags and storage boxes on a scavenger hunt.  By the way, its always a great idea to label contents of storage bags, baskets, and bins.  Shipping labels from your local office supply place work great.

5.  Put all of your current season pieces in your closets...HELLO SPRING SANDALS!...organize your wardrobe by type of clothing, color, and style.

6.  Hang scarves, belts and other accessories so that they are visible.  You are more likely to add flourish when you can see what you have.  Display seasonal jewelry for inspiration.

7.  Arrange shoes, sandals, purses, totes and everything else accordingly.  

8.  While your inventory is fresh in your mind, make a list of what is missing from your current wardrobe.  Have your favorite white capri's faded to a dull yellowish hue?  Do you need a cotton cardigan in one of the vibrant colors of the season?  Make a thorough list now and put it in your wallet to  refer to the next time you go shopping.

9.  Now step back and admire the glorious zen space you have created...everything visible and ready for all of the exciting spring and summer occasions heading your way.

And for a little inspiration, here are some gorgeous light airy closets to get you going!

Happy Spring Cleaning...let us know if the job is bigger than YOU and we'll be at your service!

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