Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Break!

Who doesn't love a good road trip?  This year we are driving up the California coast for spring break.  We plan to hit some of the laid back coastal towns near L.A. and perhaps get to Santa Barbara.  Whether you are packing for city, beach, or desert, there is a definite strategy to packing well for comfort and versatility.... and yet still looking stylish.  Here are a few of our previously published tips that will give you a head start on your packing plan...

Research your destination....the culture, the weather, the activities...and plan accordingly.  With so much volatility in the weather these days, don't rely on the memory of your last visit.  Bring a lightweight trenchcoat and midweight jacket.  Mother Nature always has a few springtime surprises up her sleeve. Check the weather a week in advance and the night before you go.

Ann Klein Coat -

Do not leave packing until the last minute... allow yourself a few days ahead of time to plan out your wardrobe, reassess what your bringing, and avoid the stress of leaving it all until the night before you leave.  This is especially important if you are traveling with children, because we typically pack everyone else first, and run out of time to pack for ourselves.  You should be carrying around a running list of things you will need a week or so before you go.  

Don't overpack...Most travel experts recommend a maximum of three pairs of shoes (very challenging for those of us who love shoes!!).  Keep it simple and bring only those items that you can leverage for a variety of uses... VERSATILITY is the key.

Elasticity is your friend for a variety of reasons.  You want to pack pieces that will not lose their shape.  Include fabrics with Lycra or Spandex.  Leave the sweat suit at home and pack a pretty yoga outfit.  Many designers produce clothes with elasticity that travel well and are super stylish.  This is a must if you are traveling by air. You want to be comfortable.


Scarves are your best travel companion.  They take up no room and can completely change an outfit, double as a bathing suit cover-up or keep your shoulders and neck warm on a chilly evening.  We recommend three: a solid color, a striped, and a third made of silk.

Leave the expensive jewelry at home and stick to statement costume jewelry that will add a bit of flourish and pizazz to your travel wardrobe.  While on travel, look for inexpensive jewelry indicative of your destination...these trinkets may become signature pieces of your collection when you return home.

Before you pack it all in your suitcase, lay everything out on your bed with accompanying accessories.  Keep the color palette for your wardrobe to three colors so that everything can work together. Make sure you have the proper undergarments for each outfit.  Have you forgotten anything?  Can you put a few things back in your closet?  This is your last chance to survey what you're bringing and make last minute adjustments. 

For a video how-to:

In general, edit down to simple essentials appropriate for your destination.  Always pack a flat tote or an extra bag at the bottom of your suitcase.  Don't make the mistake of putting anything of value in your suitcase....pack it in your carryon.  These are just a few of our tips.  Closet Rapture can help you pack like a pro.

Bon Voyage!!

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