Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Brunch Ensembles

You are cordially invited to ........Brunch
Please look appropriate, fresh, and fashionable.

What to do now?

Let's check out some options ...


Nice ensemble with the exception of the yellow shoes.  We would opt for something more like :




Don't forget the pedicure!!

Crisp black and white, so classic.  We'd opt for silver or gold accessories. Can't go wrong with the straw colored clutch like the one featured above.

Are they kidding????  This is what was featured for the 'Over 40' set.  
Way too bland for the vibrant 40+  crowd that we know.


Conversely, this is walking on the edge.  Be careful not to go too youthful.  There's a reason 'age appropriate' is in our vernacular.  If you have the arms for this, go for it.  Personally we'd just choose the blouse and sandals. 

Since the blouse is fairly long, we'd pair it with these fun pants.


Don't try to match shoe color with the pants.  Just be sure it is in the same hue.   Better yet...

If you are going to go with a thong, choose theses since you can never go wrong with flesh toned shoes.

And finally
We found an ensemble for those fun yellow flats pictured above.


Bon Appetit!

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