Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lipstick Jungle

These days there are so many different types of lipsticks available. Used to be the choices were sheer, stain or matte lipstick. Now one must choose from a plethora of formulations :

Lipstick Gels, Lip Paints, Lip Glass (not gloss, glass), Lip Mist, Lip Shine, Lip Candy, etc, etc, etc.

As you bravely navigate the innumerable choices remember a few basic guidelines:

1. Get thee to the department store, beauty boutique or Sephora where you can actually apply the goods to your lips.  Seek shades that flatter your hair and skin color. (The color of your clothing is secondary.)

2. Age is a factor.  After a certain age lips require more emollients in order to look supple.  Beware of   lipsticks that offer little moisture.

3. SPF 15 or 30 is Genius

4. Exercise caution with orange, red orange, and coral shades.  They tend to make teeth look yellower.  

5. Severity can add years to your face.  Leave the intense colors to the under 50 set.


6. Metallic and shimmer can be flattering, but usually from 6pm on. If you are going to go this route during the day or at the office, keep it simple and subdued.
(Note: Simple + Fabo Subdued Shade = Alluring)

Photo Credit:Simon Upton

7. Lip pencil is a great tool if your lipstick tends to bleed.  Make sure it is indistinguishable from the color on your lips.  If you are using lip pencil to make lips look larger, save this maneuver for a photo shoot.

8. Check the mirror after applying lipstick.  Practice the Golden Rule by letting a woman know when she's got lipstick teeth 

8. Remember mother's words; "Always apply lipstick when you leave the house. You never know who you might bump into."

Sage advice

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