Monday, April 11, 2011

In the Nude....Spring Nails

Manicured nails....A must for social events.
It's the finishing touch, the icing on the cake.

So let us begin with a word about nail length and shape.
Rx:  Short, squared off ovals.
Follow this advice and you'll be in vogue this season and possibly forever.

Aaaaaah, the French Manicure
Versatile, classic, elongates the nail bed, long lasting, goes with everything.

There is the thick, pinkier version with shocking white tips often seen in the OC.

and the more natural version.


As much as we love the French manicure we can't say the same about the French pedicure.  No,no,no....just say no!

And when time has run out and you are about to dash out the door....
Just go nude.
  Sally Hansen's Insta Dry is a miracle in a bottle.

Sally Hansen

Musings on the Reverse French Manicure

Courtesy of The Nine Forty Nine

How to describe this trend?.....dramatic


In Style


China Glaze

 and sometimes just plain tacky

Hipster Alert! : Shatter
A daring trend started by Katy Perry
*Footnote : Katy Perry is 26 years old and sometimes sports blue hair. 

OPI's shatter polish is applied over a polished dry nail.


In our world, definitely an evening look unless you are in the music industry.
Think Fergie

Closet Rapturism for today:
"Strive to be age appropriate except on Halloween. 
And never ever be boring."

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