Friday, January 21, 2011

Closets Come Out of the Closet!

There is a growing trend in the past year of dedicating an entire room to the closet rather than having it tucked behind closed doors.   Our philosophy has always been that a closet is a sanctuary, it should be a beautiful and inspiring place to get dressed, to hideaway from the hectic pace of our day, and to inspire us to be our most beautiful expression of ourselves.  How wonderful and luxurious to have an entire room as your closet.

Recently, the Wall Street Journal published an article about the Closet Coming Out of the Closet. (  It is not surprising to us to see this trend, as people transform rooms of their homes, into closet sanctuaries that are spa-like, or have the feel of an upscale boutique.  This trend seems to be occurring for men and women equally. The WSJ states that the trend is also increasing home value.  Some closet overhauls are upward of $50,000 with top of the line amenities.  Many individuals choosing to stay in their existing homes in the current real estate market are adding these fully-appointed closets spurred on by a need for change,  and/or property value enhancement.

It doesn't take a major closet overhaul to create a sanctuary in your closet.  Here are some ideas for sprucing up your closet to make it a more inviting space:

  • Add a pretty bulletin board and tack up special photos, mementos, vintage pins, ticket stubs, etc.
  • Change out your lighting... dark closets are not inviting, add a petite chandelier from a consignment shop, or a pretty star pendant fixture
  • Baskets!  We like sea grass baskets that are natural colored.  Put pretty tags on them to identify the contents
  • Interesting jewelry holders.  Again consignment and antique stores are great places to scout around for things... think outside the jewelry box....pedestal trays are great for holding a handful of cuffs or bracelets
  • Spray some chicken wire with metallic paint and staple to the back of an open frame.  Hang your earrings from it.
  • An inspiration board with photographs from magazines, the internet, nature... that inspire an outfit from your color palette.
  • An orchid if you have some light...a faux one if you don"t...
  • Stack some vintage boxes with accessories neatly hidden away inside
  • A little ambient sound.  All you need is a wall outlet, and you can set up a small IPOD docking station...  Voila!  A little bossa nova to dress by....
  • One of our favorite items is a chair....a place to sit, ponder, muse, relax, breathe.... scale it to the size of your space and decorate it with a throw or piece of fabric that you love....
Meanwhile, as I contemplate the departure of my daughter to college in the coming year, I fantasize about the possibilities of a full scale closet in that space....hmmmm...."Darling, when you come home to visit us, you will have to sleep on the settee in my closet..."

Here's hoping 2011 brings you inspiration for revamping your closet, your wardrobe...and bringing out your most AUTHENTIC and BEAUTIFUL self... let us know if you need some help!

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