Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Fresh Spring Complexion

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Enchanted April arrives tomorrow!  Except for a few cruel late winter weather surprises, spring is certainly in the air.  We have a few tips for getting that radiant glowing skin.  It goes without saying the importance of hydration and drinking adequate water....but did you know your skin actually maintains more hydration if you consume fruits and veggies that are comprised mainly of water?  Melons and cucumbers are the fastest and tastiest way to "get your juicy on".  We have been blending up smoothies with delicious combinations of fruits and veggies and seeing dramatic results.  Try adding an organic smoothie to your daily beauty repertoire and behold the transformation of your skin!

Our current smoothie obsession:  cantaloupe, cucumber, apple, mint, and kale blended with a bit of is fresh and light.  Try papaya, mango, pineapple, lime and cilantro for a tropical twist.

How to prep our skin to reflect its best light?   In addition to hydration, exfoliation is a key component to having a glowing complexion.  There are so many products available today, it can be maddening finding just the right ones for your unique needs.  Anyone who takes a stroll through Sephora will tell you it can be utterly overwhelming....but fear not, samples are the way to go....ask for a week's worth of samples of the products you are considering and try them out and see if they work for YOU (and also ensure that you do not have any sensitivity to ingredients).  Retailers are happy to provide you with the goods!

Here are a few of our current favorites.  Our philosophy is use natural ingredients as often as possible.  We like Origins tag line of "Made Without..." instead of "made with".  Companies know that today's savvy consumer wants to minimize their exposure to artificial ingredients and chemicals.  (Disclosure: a few of our favorites do have some artificial ingredients).  Be wise and ask for an ingredients list.

Origins Pure Cream Rinseable Cleanser
This product is great for so many reasons...firstly, it has all natural ingredients and it smells SO wonderful!  Imagine the feel of whipped sorbet on your face.  We love it for its versatility too.  You can tissue or wash it off with warm water.  We use it as a hydrating mask too.  The price point is fantastic.

Exfoliation and Skin Tone Correction:

Origins Brighter by Nature Skin Tone Correcting Serum
Origins Brighter by Nature Exfoliation Pads 
These two products from Origins Brighter by Nature line work in concert with one another to exfoliate your skin and even out skin tone without harsh chemicals.  We have been using this product for three months and have seen dramatic results.  Make sure you follow your skin regimen with a moisturizing sunscreen everyday.

Eye Cream:
Origins Starting Over Eye Cream
There is no one product that works for everyone.  The eye area is sensitive and some individuals are highly sensitive to products applied around the eye.  We have found this one to be a kinder, gentler product specifically designed for "creping and crinkling" of skin around the eyes. This age erasing eye cream with mimosa is so gentle and yet it gets the job done.  Heck use it on your neck too to avoid that dreaded chicken neck!!!

Flawless Foundation:
courtesy of
If you have applied your foundation correctly it should appear like you are wearing none at all.  Each of us has flaws to hide, whether it be uneven skin tone, scars, or rosacea.  It is our unanimous decision that our favorite foundation is Dr. Perricone's No Foundation Foundation.
Dr. Perricone No Foundation Foundation
Everything about this product is great.  It is loaded with amazing minerals for your face and all of the ingredients are natural.  It is lightweight and will match any skin tone.  It is a moisturizer and has SPF.  It makes your skin feel dewy and light.  It is worth the splurge for this fantastic bottle of goodness.

Foundation with a little more coverage:
Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation
Laura Mercier makes amazing products and we are big fans of the silk creme foundation for a little extra coverage.  This product looks and feels luminous on your skin and doesn't accumulate in the fine lines and wrinkles on mature skin.  It has a feather weight feel and bullet proof staying power.  My seventeen year old daughter loves this product too for coverage.

Smashbox Hydrating Perfecting Powder
We are abuzz about the hydrating perfecting powder for a flawless finish and shine reduction.  This powder has a built in shaver which gives you control over how much product is released.  This is a great take along product for your purse for touch ups throughout your busy day....

Blake Lively
The finishing touches to gorgeous skin:

There is no doubt that we are head over heels in love with Trish McEvoy's makeup line.  In our line of work, we have a diverse spectrum of clients who have high pressure jobs, travel a great deal, and need an efficient and organized beauty routine.  This line is NO NONSENSE!!  Trish MeEvoy has ingeniously designed a makeup kit that is like an organizational planner...with everything you can possibly need to get you through your day, event, or travel.

Trish McEvoy Mini Makeup Planner System
When you meet with a Trish McEvoy representative (we love you Sheila!!) , all the products are custom selected for your complexion and skin tone.  The knowledgeable makeup artists give you detailed sheets that show you how to apply each of their products, and everything fits compactly into a beautiful planner of your choice.  All of our clients simply LOVE this line!!  Everything is replaceable when you run out and containers and packaging are minimal....we love this line for its sustainability, efficiency, and GORGEOUS collection of colors.  We will also let you in on a little secret...the website is filled with amazing makeup tips and demonstrations.  So do check them out!

So ladies, are you ready for your spring debut??  Gotta get your dewy spring face on....make yourself a yummy hydrating smoothie and start browsing the fashion pages for inspiration.  Do check out our carefully curated product recommendations....we wish you a gorgeous spring day and an enchanted April!

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